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The nYellow Product

nYellow offers best of both the online and print worlds. It merges the principles yellow page publishers use to market their print product with all the advantages of the very best search engine optimized online product. Your nYellow online directory will look and interact as your product. Consumers and advertisers will never know your online product is outsourced. This further enhances the local flavor of your full line of services – Print, Online and Mobile.

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Complementing Your Print Directory

The nYellow online directory compliments its print counterpart. The visitor to an nYellow online directory views the same advertisements and compares listings much the same as he reads the print version.

Search Engine Presence and Advertiser Retention

nYellow creates a page for each white and yellow page ad and listing. Advertisers may claim and post content to their page. This allows the publisher to add value to advertisers and enhances the directory's search engine presence. The advertiser's nYellow listing may outrank the advertiser’s own Web page in a search for that advertiser’s specific name!

Easy to Use Interface

Each directory features an easy to use interface that is customized to each publisher. Consumers quickly navigate to their destination through search, popular category or general category. There are no confusing icons or unfamiliar controls which the visitor must master to retrieve his desired information.

Advertiser Retention

nYellow provides you; the directory publisher with detailed reports allowing you to show each advertiser the number of times an ad is viewed.

Bonus Features

Most publishers qualify for bonus features at no additional cost. Bonus features include Android apps for each directory, white page listings, hosting and bandwidth and real-time upgrades as the nYellow team constantly ads features to the product at no cost to the publisher.

Traffic Analytics

Publishers are provided access to a dashboard featuring real-time traffic analytics. These analytics show the pages and ads receiving the most views and from where the views originate.

Scraper Monitoring and Filtering

nYellow actively monitors its directories' traffic and seeks to filter incoming bot traffic. This discourages site scrapers who may attempt to re-purpose your content.

Monetization Assistance

At the request of the publisher, nYellow integrates with Google AdSense to fill unused ad space and generate additional revenue streams for the publisher.

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Simple and Affordable Pricing

White Pages
The nYellow pricing system includes the free publication of white page residential and business listings.

nYellow provides the most affordable and easy-to-understand means for online directory publication. Publishers pay according to a simple per column inch pricing based on their print product’s community and yellow pages. The nYellow pricing model has been designed to cost less than any other credible provider.

This simple pricing structure provides most publishers with the following features and services at no additional cost:

  • Hosting and Bandwidth
  • Traffic Monitoring and Filtering
  • Android App for Each Directory
    (Your app is published in Google Play Store)
  • Automatic Feature Upgrades
  • Analytics Dashboard and Advertiser Retention Tools
  • Coupon Integration with Ads
  • White Page Listings
    (These are included even if you don’t print the residential)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customization and Content Updating as Required
  • Legacy Domain Tie-In
    (nYellow can work with either your existing or a new domain)
  • The painless nYellow deployment processes features a rapid turnaround time. The publisher provides his files as the book goes to press and in most cases the online directory becomes available before the printed book ever hits the streets.

The nYellow Story

Richard Engle
BellWest America Publisher Richard Engle

As the publisher of BellWest America’s community phone directories, Richard Engle knew the importance of placing his directories online.

His research found two commonly available options. The old fashioned look/feel versions complimented the print directories with the principle of similar advertisers side by side giving the consumer the ability to compare and contrast the content of the ads. But, most modern search engine optimized versions work in manner that contradicts the principles that have made print yellow pages successful for over a century. Those online versions fail to present ads in size priority and force consumers to make multiple ‘clicks’ to make comparisons or were not interactive and didn’t meet the needs of the Web savvy user.

After trying some of these services, Richard chose a third way.

nYellow builds directory sites which compliment his print directories while providing the online user with easy navigation and the interactivity they have come to demand.

nYellow is an affordable software-as-service designed specifically for you, the directory publisher. Visit a working demonstration at BellWest America’s www.BethanyPhoneBook.com.

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